How to download?

How to download and how to install the game? It’s easy! Watch:

It is very easy!

Watch our instructional video or follow the instructions below.

  • Download key is basically simple, usually hit download.
  • A window will appear with our choice survey to fill out, if this does not happen, we must turn off the ad blocking software.
  • Select one of the listed surveys and go to it.
  • Give your phone number which will receive a return message to rewrite code.
  • Rewrite your code and confirm.
  • Then move on to the site’s hosting our key and wait until it will automatically download.
  • Sometimes if you wait too long to be completed another survey, which we chose because it can not match, or an error has occurred in the system.
  • Downloading is completely free, and locking it is a kind of surveys protection of our files.